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Co-opPak has allowed us to work with Coops and seek out additional opportunities. Without their team of professionals sourcing information and being experts in the industry there would be many lost opportunities.

-New York Lender

CondoTek offers a full suite of lender compliance services. We outsource whatever we can to their team of professionals for efficient, quality documents.

-Mid-sized Virginia Lender

CondoTek is disrupting the industry and creating solutions for lenders to work more efficiently.

-Mid Sized California Lender

Condo Project Warrant is the ultimate review solution. It is disrupting the industry by streamlining the review process combining CondoPak and CondoTek Lender Review at a standardized flat rate.

-Large Florida Lender

CondoTek's condo lender review services provide expert project and loan level reviews for condominiums. Working with CondoTek has changed our condo efficiency tremendously.

-Atlanta Lender

CondoTek has changed the way we do our condo business to make the process more streamlined and efficient. We get quality documents back that meet necessary requirements which means faster turn times and the opportunity to close more loans.

-Mid-Sized Chicago Lender