There are many components to Co-op lending. The Co-op Pak app is your solution for an efficient, streamlined, and stress-free process.

Co-op Pack Streamlines your Documents and Data

What Co-op Pak Includes
  • Certified Questionnaire
  • Certificate of Insurance (Mortgagee, Borrower, Loan # added)
  • Financials (may include Budget, Audited Financial Statements, Tax Returns etc)
  • Governing Docs (may include Proprietary Lease, ByLaws, Articles of Inc etc)
  • Additional Docs when needed upon request (typically after Review and as a “ReOpen”): Leasehold Agreement, AG Amendment, Sponsor Financial Disclosure Statement
How it Benefits You
  • Get anytime access to all documents needed for approval review
  • Go through a single organized platform with one login or use one of our convenient LOS integrations
  • Flat rate, standardized pricing, and easy-to-add disclosures
  • All fees can pass through to the borrower–no cost to the lender
  • All Co-ops nationwide
  • Full customer service post-delivery
  • Fast completion time–5 business on average