Complete co-op project documents and data provided quickly and comprehensively.

Co-op Pack Streamlines Co-op Document Acquisition

What Co-op Pak Includes
  • Certified Questionnaire
  • Certificate of Insurance (Mortgagee, Borrower, Loan Number Added)
  • Financials (May include Budget, Audited Financial Statements, Tax Returns)
  • Governing Docs (May include Proprietary Lease, By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation)
  • Additional Docs Provided Upon Request (Leasehold Agreement, AG Amendment, Sponsor Financial Disclosure Statement)
How it Benefits You
  • Get Access To All Documents Needed for Approval Review At Anytime
  • Single Organized Platform and Login Convenient LOS Integrations
  • Flat Rate
  • Standardized Pricing
  • Fees Passed Through To Borrower
  • Post Delivery Customer Service
  • Fast Completion Time