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CondoTek has some exciting news on the horizon. As we grow as a company, making business partnerships in the condominium process and lending industry is crucial. These partnerships are innovative industry wide. CondoTek’s expert auditing team are the most efficient in data and documentation collection for lenders and borrowers. Even more so, CondoTek’s services are set to a standardized flat rate that are delivered in a timely manner to the lender. To learn more about how CondoTek’s services can be beneficial to you reach out to sales@condotek.com. Need your project warranted, we do that too with a life of loan guarantee.

Offering services to our business partners is not all CondoTek does! Recently CondoTek participated in several virtual webinars to keep industry partners and organizations up to date on the latest Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines. Just last week, Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association hosted a webinar with 100+ attendees. The webinar focused on educating lenders on industry changes and documentation requirements for an overall understanding of the project approval process. CondoTek makes it a priority to continue working with lending partners and organizations and will be partnering with the National MBA later this month as well.

Continue following our blog at www.condotek.com and follow our LinkedIn Page at https://linktr.ee/condotek.com to be updated on future company and industry updates!

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